A Different Way To Immerse Yourself In The World
Scoop is the travelers app! We allow travel-goers the opportunity to match and meet/chat with locals before your trip. 

Our Mission

A group of friends traveling together

To Immerse Is Limitless and Our Culture Is Your Culture

At Scoop our goal isn’t to just ensure that you have a great experience when traveling, but we want you to have an experience where you are truly immersed in the world around you and can build meaningful friendships with everyone you come across genuinely learning about the local culture.

Locally Focused

We are locally focused, we promise to partner with local businesses within various communities around the world. Our goal is for travelers to get a true local lifestyle for however long that might be. Businesses on the other hand will see an increase in customers, because the goal for travelers is to immerse themselves in the local culture.  Why should the big chains have all the fun of showcasing the country’s culture? We all know the local mom and pop shops is where the real authenticity lives!
Helping local businesses around the world thrive

Scoop App

Play Games To Improve Your Knowledge Of The Local Culture And Meet People While You Are At It

Get Discounts to Local Businesses

Gather enough points to receive discounts to local businesses (restaurants, events, and more). Earn badges to retrieve your discounts with our partner businesses when you reach your destination.

Play Games at home

Play trivia games answering questions about the world and traveling to earn points.

While You’re Traveling Meet People in Real Life

Join weekly challenges where you have to meet certain people with various occupations and take pictures with them to earn points.

Connect With People In The Countries You Are Interested In Traveling To Or Learning About

Chat with people you matched with either before you leave or when you arrive and plan times to meet up, hangout, or just ask questions to build a better understanding of their country/culture.
As an individual or solo traveler, you can meet as many people as you want to connect with, ask questions, plan to meet up, and more.
If you are traveling as a group, you can chat with people you matched with, add your friends to the chat and ask questions, plan to meet up, and more.

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