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  1. November 2017

Experiencing The World In A New Way

I began my journey to Athens in Hong Kong. I know, super random. That’s how I wanted to go about my summer. This was the last summer I was going to have before being a full “grown-adult-in-the-real-world-who-complains-about-missing-college-all-the-time” and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity that many people so passionately told me about […]

A Journey Of A Lifetime

Singapore was an experience. Most people refer to it as a country or city, but for me, it was more than just a location. I was there for 6 months, but the entire time was one massive life changing event.   The people are wonderful. Though it’s located in Southeast Asia, the population is made […]

The Eternal City

After years of dreaming, months of planning, and days of traveling I was blessed to live in Roma, Italy for 5 months. I always knew I wanted to study abroad, the thought of traveling and exploring a new place was always something that called to me. Choosing Rome was the best decision of my life, […]

The Culture of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Arab country, which is located in the southwest of Asia. It is considered the largest country in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is a religious country (Islam) and the main language is Arabic but many people speak English. One of the most prominent dances of Saudi Arabia is […]

My Life In Uzbekistan

My life in Uzbekistan As many of you know I was born and raised in Uzbekistan. After my country gained its independence in 1991, great things started happening. For instance, many high buildings were built, the economy of the country started to grow as well. During the times when Uzbekistan was part of the USSR, […]

A Mix Of Two Cultures

Take a moment to take a journey to another world. Close your eyes and allow your imagination to take hold of your senses.  Picture a single two lane highway, black as coal. You have your windows down allowing a cool breeze pass through your car on a hot summers days. Let the scent of your […]

Understanding My Ethnicity

As many people know, my parents are from South Korea. I was born and raised here in the U.S., living most of my life in Hershey, PA, which is not the most culturally diverse town. In 2013 right after I graduated high school, my family and I traveled to Seoul, South Korea for about a […]

My Experience To And From India

Experiences can be endless but when we try to talk about each experience, we tend to think of a multitude of aspects that make these experiences significant in their own way. To think of an experience, you all may ask yourselves, what has been the most remarkable aspect of my experience? I would like to […]

A Tanzanian Experience

Background As someone who has never been out of the country, spending three weeks in the Arusha region of Tanzania may seem extreme. However that is exactly how I spent the last weeks of July. The trip was with the group called Pure Thirst which is based out of Duquesne’s campus. Pure Thirst focuses on […]

The Meaning Of Understanding

We hoped that you liked the first blog post. That was just a taste of what we will talk about throughout our content. This article will talk about how we learn about different people and possible ways of improving our understanding. Alright, so I know that all of us can’t just get up and travel […]

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