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My Experience To And From India

Experiences can be endless but when we try to talk about each experience, we tend to think of a multitude of aspects that make these experiences significant in their own way. To think of an experience, you all may ask yourselves, what has been the most remarkable aspect of my experience? I would like to express my genuine interest in travel and say that learning about different cultures, people, languages, traditions, and food are some of the finest aspects of my experiences.

My name is Anubhav Evatt and I reside in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). I was born in Ludhiana (Punjab) which is in northern India. I resided in India for 14 years before immigrating to United States in 2006 with my family. Migration to United States was a wonderful yet sentimental experience for me. In fact, my first long-distance air travel experience was when I moved to United States from India. The feeling of excitement and fascination during this journey was indescribable. While growing up in India, I lived in a very welcoming neighborhood that enabled people from different regions to communicate, share ideas, build connections, learn, and become culturally aware. I have always been very open-minded towards people from different cultures, traditions, and ethnicities. My curiosity to learn about people from various countries and their cultures allowed me to welcome new experiences. I appreciate all the knowledge gained from these profound experiences.

I have traveled a lot in the past 11 years. I also had the opportunity to visit India after residing in United States for a decade. Traveling to different cities in India was a refreshing experience but it was different than traveling in United States. India has tremendously developed in ways where many tourist places have opened such as amusement parks, shopping malls, hotels, motels, theaters, and superstores. All these openings are very modernized and have become part of the Indian culture and people have immersed into this culture. I also observed that Indian culture embraces westernized culture through the acceptance of western lifestyle. The mix of Indian and Western lifestyles and cultures allow people to have an understanding of both. This lifestyle and cultural change has helped people to become more socially connected. Traveling has enabled me to socially connect with people, have interesting conversations, and build connections. I truly appreciate all those great interactions that I had with people who spoke different languages, and were from different cultures, and who ate different foods.

मैं आप सभ को भारत में स्वागत करना चाहूंगा, मुझे आशा है कि आपकी भारत यात्रा के दौरान आपके सभी महान अनुभव होंगे|

I would like to welcome you all to travel to India and have wonderful experiences throughout your visit.

How have you used your experiences whether traveling or simply growing as a person to shape your mindset and beliefs?

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