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The Culture of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Arab country, which is located in the southwest of Asia. It is considered the largest country in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is a religious country (Islam) and the main language is Arabic but many people speak English. One of the most prominent dances of Saudi Arabia is Ardgh the most popular dance in the city of Riyadh, is a folk dance which began as a national song, but is celebrated in times of special celebrations and holidays, where the repetition of verses and poetic songs, followed by a dance in which the use of sword movements, as different types of drums are used, in which dancers wear special uniforms. However, there are a lot of different dances in Saudi Arabia for example, Mizmar dance in the western part of the country and Dha dance in the northern part of the country.

The Saudi citizen is a simple person who cares about his family and society and loves others. There are a lot of different Saudi foods, but the most famous Saudi food is called Kabsa, traditional food in most parts of the Kingdom consists of rice, chicken or meat such as lamb, camel or cow. It is a piece of lamb meat placed in a broth of milk and onions or rice. It is a rice cooked with milk and is coherent and usually with grilled goats. Sayadiya is a dish of brown rice which is made with fried onion and some fresh fish from the Red Sea. Monto and Yogamesh are like pieces of bread that has meat or chicken or vegetables on it. Al-Dabizah is often eaten on the days of Eid (eed) which is an Islamic festival. It consists of water and some Mediterranean Pine Nuts also called (Pignolias) and sugar.

When it comes to the people of Saudi Arabia, they are very kind and welcoming people, especially those who are visiting the country. And if you are visiting Saudi you may meet people who are very welcoming, asking you to stay with them in their own home and that is very common in Saudi and Islamic culture as well. The history of Saudi Arabia is about Islamic history and may interest people and is important for Muslim tourists because Saudi Arabia has Macca and Madina (holy mosques). But Saudi Arabia has also become interested in tourism, there are many places worth visiting like the tower of Faisaliah and the Kingdom in Riyadh City. Jeddah, has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and will also have the largest tower in the world by 2020.

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