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The Eternal City

After years of dreaming, months of planning, and days of traveling I was blessed
to live in Roma, Italy for 5 months. I always knew I wanted to study abroad, the thought
of traveling and exploring a new place was always something that called to me. Choosing
Rome was the best decision of my life, it was a different world and I fell in love with the
amount of history and culture that this city had to offer.
It is truly difficult to describe how amazing it was to be in Rome, from the
slightly dangerous cobblestone streets to the almost ridiculous amount of gelaterias and
pizzerias, Rome is really set up to enjoy the best things in life. Rome was full of surprises
from the moment I stepped off the plane and saw a palm tree (yes palms trees in Rome)to the beautiful weather. I lived in Rome duringthe months of January to May, and during that time the temperature never went below 60 but the main surprise was the waythe Italians dressed. Italians dress for the season and not the weather meaning even if it is 80 degrees in February (which is was) they had on long pants, long sleeve shirts, and even coats.


Considering my amazement at the palm trees, I bet you can imagine my
reaction to the Colosseum. Standing next to a building I’ve only seen in history books
since elementary school was a very humbling and inspiring experience to say the least.
My favorite memory of the Colosseum was when I visited with a group of friends both
Italian and American after a night of partying around 5am, we sat and talked, sharing life
stories and experiences and watched the sunrise, I remember looking up at this ancient
building with more history than I’ll ever fully realize, and I was filled with admiration.
During my time in Rome my experiences were a huge eye-opener for me. Being
in an environment so different from anything I’ve ever known has made the little things
become meaningful. I was surrounded by a new culture, different food, different
costumes, and way of life. My entire experience I had there was packed with “never
before seen,” moments. Living in Italy showed me how hectic my life back home was
and how sometimes it perfectly fine to take a siesta for 3 hours to sit and have a
cappuccino with a friend, Rome taught me to take the time to admire my surroundings as
I travel to my destination. While in Rome one of my favorite things were to wander the
narrow alleys and admire the old buildings. I would just walk until I discovered
something new and when in Rome there was always something to discover.
Rome, Italy is one of the oldest, most beloved cities in Europe. Its beautiful art,
architecture, and culture continue to drive tourists and students to visit and once there,
visitors never run out of places to go or see.

Here are five lesser-known facts about the Eternal City. Enjoy!
1. SPQR stands for “Senātus Populusque Rōmānus” or “The Roman Senate of
People.” While exploring Rome, you will see the acronym at various points around

the city, including engravings on many public monuments and structures. SPQR
stands as the municipal symbol of Rome.
2. According to an old legend, brothers Romulus and Remus were raised by a she-wolf.
Once fully grown, Romulus defeated his brother and became the first ruler of the city,
naming it “Rome.” To honor this legend, engravings of the she-wolf are
found throughout the city still today.

3. Vatican City is the world’s smallest sovereign state, located entirely within the city
limits of Rome.
4. In addition to the many art and history museums located in Rome, there is also a
museum entirely dedicated to pasta. This museum is eleven rooms and spans multiple

5. Meal time in Rome, and Italy as a whole, is to be respected. It is typically quite
lengthy and consists of many courses. Many will state “Buon appetito” before a meal,
meaning “good appetite!”

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