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The Meaning Of Understanding

We hoped that you liked the first blog post. That was just a taste of what we will talk about throughout our content. This article will talk about how we learn about different people and possible ways of improving our understanding.

Alright, so I know that all of us can’t just get up and travel all over the world and what not. Honestly the only reason why I was able to travel was because of a scholarship that I received and from the help of my parents. But with that being said, there are various ways we can learn about places or people that interest us.

I for example, like to try out different things. For example, when I went to India I simply tried all the foods and activities no matter if I liked it or not. This puts you in a position where you’re actively trying out different things and from that you decide what you do and don’t like. Another way is to kind of see if someone you’re friends with likes something and from that you make your decision. The last way is to get an explanation for what exactly something is or does. One, for example is that you can do a simple Google search, but that can be a tedious process and even time consuming. Or you could come here and connect with the people who have either been to those countries or even lived there. It is more important in today’s ever growing globalized world that we learn more about the people around us. With all the technology in the world today it is inexcusable to be ignorant about where someone is from. Or not even have an idea about the country you’re visiting. We want you to be as ready as possible for when you take your journey. I know you may be stuck thinking that oh, I can’t possibly learn or immerse myself with people. But you can, simply by going to a different restaurant or expanding your friend group and becoming friends with people that think or even look different than you.

I’m sure your city has various neighborhoods where people of various backgrounds live. And I’m sure that they have restaurants or even events that are popular in their culture that you could attend. And I’m positively sure that there are people who would love to see people come out and learn about their culture.

Each article will end with a question related to what was discussed. We want everyone to interact with one another and learn something that they were looking for or didn’t even know.

So the question is, how do you find information about something that interest you? Where do you look or who do you ask?

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